Let's celebrate our volunteers!

Being a volunteer signifies a commitment to making a positive impact on the community and the lives of others without expecting financial reward. It embodies the spirit of giving, compassion, and teamwork, as individuals from various backgrounds unite towards common goals. For the IIBA Poland Chapter, our volunteers are the heart and backbone of our organization, dedicating their time, skills, and passion to promote the advancement of business analysis and professional growth. Their diverse experiences and perspectives enrich our community, driving innovation and excellence in everything we do.

Partnership Relations Coordinator

Bartosz Korytkowski

Bartosz stands out as one of our most dedicated volunteers, primarily focusing on fostering partnerships that enrich our organization and extend our reach. His tireless efforts in building and maintaining strategic relationships have been instrumental in creating new opportunities for collaboration and growth. His commitment and strategic approach to partnerships exemplify the core values of our chapter, making him a valued member of the IIBA Poland community.
email: partnership@poland.iiba.org

Webinars Coordinator

Anna Stępień

Anna is an essential figure in our team, playing a pivotal role in the organization and execution of our webinars. She is the go-to person for anyone eager to contribute as a speaker, share innovative ideas, or join the volunteer team to help host our online events. Her open, collaborative approach not only facilitates engaging and informative sessions but also fosters a welcoming environment for new volunteers to contribute to our community's growth and success.
email: webinar@poland.iiba.org

Meetups Coordinator

Kateryna Subbotina

Kateryna, our esteemed Meetup Coordinator, is instrumental in bringing our community together through well-curated and engaging meetups. Her knack for organizing events that spark connection, learning, and collaboration is unparalleled. Through her efforts, she creates spaces where professionals can share insights, network, and grow together. Kateryna's passion for building community and her dedication to facilitating meaningful encounters underscore her vital role in enriching the fabric of our organization. Contact Kateryna in meetups related topics.
email: meetup@poland.iiba.org

Summit Coordinator

Maksym Subbotin

Maksym has recently joined us as the Summit Coordinator for the upcoming IIBA Poland Summit 2024, bringing fresh energy and innovative ideas to our team. His role is crucial in orchestrating this flagship event, where he will leverage his organizational prowess and keen eye for detail to ensure the summit is a resounding success. His involvement is a promising addition to our team, and we look forward to achieving great milestones together at the summit.
email: meetup@poland.iiba.org

BABOK Study Group Coordinator

Mizu Helal

Mizu, as the Study Group Coordinator for the inaugural Poland Chapter BABOK Study Group, plays a pivotal role in facilitating a collaborative learning environment. His leadership ensures that participants engage deeply with the BABOK® Guide's content, fostering a supportive space for members to share insights, ask questions, and collectively enhance their understanding of business analysis principles. Mizu's dedication is instrumental in the success and growth of this pioneering study group, making him an invaluable asset to the IIBA Poland Chapter community.
email: education@poland.iiba.org

Mentoring Program Manager

Katarzyna Antosiewicz

Kasia, who co-created our first mentoring program, will serve as the Mentoring Program Manager for its second iteration. Her collaborative efforts and dedication are set to enrich the program further, promising a transformative impact on our community's growth.
email: meetup@poland.iiba.org
Agnieszka Bryl
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